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Corsair Virtuoso Wireless Headset

May 23, 2023

The Corsair Virtuoso Wireless Headset is a gaming headset that works both wired and wireless. Wireless operation depends on a USB stick dongle that should be connected to your computer or game console. Wired operation uses a USB-C cable. The unidirectional microphone is detachable and connects to the headphones via a USB connection. The recording produced with this microphone is very good, as you can see in the audio samples page. It really keeps background noise to a minimum, making your voice sound clear and bright. It also has a sleek design, and is very comfortable to wear.

Compared to other headphones I have, the sound produced by this headset is good, but nothing superb. The bass is not very strong, but the voices tend to sound nice in it. It doesn't have noise cancelling, and the audio "leaks" a bit, but it is very comfortable, well padded, and looks nice.

Before I bought this headset, I made an extensive research on wireless headsets with focus on good voice recording. My main goal was to use this as a portable setup for meetings, something that could handle background noise well and still give me the freedom of wireless. As it turns out, it is quite hard to find a wireless headset with good voice recording quality! The thing is, bluetooth is quite limited when it comes to handling multiple channels - basically, you can't have both great input and great output using bluetooth. That's why top-notch gaming headsets use USB sticks / dongles to communicate with the headset wirelessly. So, if wireless is a must for you, and you want great voice recording, this headset is an excellent option.

Corsair Virtuoso box

So why not using it all the time / for everything? Well, the quality of audio recording produced by a podcast microphone such as the Shure SMB7 is not compared to any wireless headset. Aesthetically, you'll also have a visible microphone literally in your face all the time with the headset. If you are recording videos, you may want to consider an improved setup to enrich the quality of your output. That being said, this Corsair headset is also a lot cheaper than a full professional microphone setup that you'll only be able to use in your desktop, so it is a great alternative given the benefits of it being wireless.

  • Works on Linux?
    • Yes. You can connect both via USB-C and wireless with a dongle, and it doesn't require installing any additional software.
  • Tested with
    • Ubuntu 21.04+
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