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Elgato Stream Deck

May 23, 2023

The Elgato Stream Deck is a customizable compact keyboard popular with live streamers. It has configurable buttons and can be set up on Linux with a Python application called streamdeck-ui. This app has a graphic interface that you can use to pair each button with a command or keyboard shortcut. For more information, check my detailed guide on How to Set Up Elgato's Stream Deck on Ubuntu Linux 21.10.

The Stream Deck is a handy device not only for live streaming and video recording, but also for daily usage since it allows you to quickly switch between applications and execute custom, complex commands with the press of a button. If you dig deep enough, you'll find ways to do pretty much anything you want with this device on a Linux system. The possibilities are endless :D

Note: I got this device as a gift from the GitHub Sponsors program. Thanks a lot, GitHub <3!

OnLinux Review

  • Works on Linux?
    • Yes. It's not entirely plug and play as you'll need to install a software to map buttons, but it works pretty well, and it's very reliable once you get this software auto-starting at login.
  • Tested with
    • Ubuntu 21.04
    • Ubuntu 21.10
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How to Set Up Elgato's Stream Deck on Ubuntu Linux 21.10

In this post I'll share how I got my Elgato StreamDeck set up on Ubuntu 21.10 and how I use it to switch windows and run commands on my system

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